The team was founded in 2015 after the success of the galician teams in the first GAA World Games in Abu Dhabi. The galician men’s team ended up second during the first world championship in history and the women’s team third. The first participation in the Iberian Championship of the Gran Sol team was in 2016.

The women’s team took a bit more time to be founded and developed having had their first match as team of Gaélicos do Gran Sol in 2017. The name of the team, Gaélicos do Gran Sol, arises from the book „Contos do Mar de Irlanda“, from Xurxo Souto, where the writer is telling us from the past where sailors had to get some drinks before they went with the boats into the rough Gran Sol sea as they did not know what to expect on each adventure. In our case it is similar as many players started training without even knowing what the sport is about.

The team is existing thanks to the great support of sponsors like Ego Galego, Alnorte, Arume, Cera23 and Louro. Additionally we keep contact with different sport and cultural institutions to spread the word of the sport and our team. The team consists mostly out of people from Galicia which are living now in Barcelona. But not only – in the team are also Spaniards from other regions such as Catalonia, Extremadura, Castilla and Léon and other nationalities such as Italians and Germans. It is a team where everyone is welcome.


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